Sunday, August 9, 2009

What is the difference between race and culture and nationality?

Often, you hear white people say they are something such as Irish and German, and pass it off as being mixed.

The problem is, they pass it off as racially being mixed.

There is a difference between being multi-racial and multi-national and multi-cultural.

Being multi-racial (and/or biracial) means that one, is of multiple races, directly. Race is based on your skin tone.

Being multi-national though, means the country your parents are from. Also, people tend to get confused by what being multi-national means. If your family member from 1900 is Irish, that does not make you directly Irish. You are just plain old American.

But if your parents are from different countries, such as Ireland and France, then that would make you multi-national.

What makes you multi-cultural on the other hand, has to do with the cultures you adopt into your own life.

America's culture is mainly the "westernized" culture, but there are other cultures within the culture.

So if one was an Indian American they could be multi-cultural, they could celebrate their Indian culture, while also celebrating their "westernized" American culture.

In the end, though, nationality is not the same as race.

But both multi-national and multi-racial can cause someone to be multi-cultural.